Academic Discipline

This section is a part of Academic Discipline. Disciplinary action may proceed against a student on the following grounds:

Presenting forged documents, or making false statements for admission or otherwise, for all matters.

Admission shall stand terminated if applicant fails to deposit registration/ admission fee of board / University as well as the College dues within the prescribed dates.

Names of the students remaining absent from class for 3 days shall be struck off from the College rolls. Provisional admission, however subject to approval of the Principal and subject to readmission could be granted

Obtaining more than one admissions at the same time

Leaving class room without prior permission from class incharge i-e. Teacher

Failing to display College Identity Card

The Principal shall be the competent authority to sanction leaves, summon parents, serve warnings / notices, refer case to the disciplinary committee etc.

Wearing College uniform as prescribed for winter and summer and for various other occasions is mandatory

Roll number slips for Board / University exams shall be issued only if:

College dues paid in full

Clearance have been obtained from College Accounts, library, bookshop and cafeteria

Required percentage in the College final term examinations has been obtained

Academic Procedures


At the time of admission students can choose courses from the programme list provided to them by the College. However, within 2 weeks of commencement of classes, after consulting their Advisors, students must register themselves in courses they decide to take in each year. Registration dates are announced well ahead of time (Please see the College Academic Calendarfor registration dates). Students are required to fulfill their registration formalities during those dates. Students are expected to pay their dues on the day of registration however; dues can be paid in installment as well. Advance registration and advance payment of dues is approved by the Principal on request.

Adding or Dropping a Course

No add/drop from a course or a section is usually allowed. However, students are allowed to add/drop a particular course within the first week of first year provided they have a valid reason to do so. No such requests are entertained after the first week. All fees once paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Year Freeze

Students who wish to discontinue their studies for a year must seek permission from the Principal’s office. Students who go on a semester break without permission may not be allowed to resume their studies.


Students who secure 70% marks or a position in F.A / F.Sc / ICS / I.Com from board or university are given a 100% tuition fee waiver in the form of a “merit scholarship” (Limited seats). This facility will only be continued if the student maintains 70% marks or higher and 90% attendance in the subsequent year.

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend every class for the course in which they are enrolled. A student however can avail a maximum of 15 leaves without fine. In case a student misses a class while he/she has already availed 15 leaves, a fine of Rs. 100 per absence will be levied. A student missing more than 25% of scheduled classes will be restrained from appearing in the College examination.


Assessment Method

It is at the discretion of the course instructor to make a decision on the weightage of all examinations, assignments, group discussions, quizzes, projects etc.

Final Assessment

A student is obliged to appear in all tests and examination as listed. However, if a student fails to appear owing to valid grounds, she/he must take the missed test or examination within 7 days after the formerly scheduled date. Examination schedule is specified on the Academic Calendar for each semester and is provided to all students by the College Office at the start of each year.

Unfair Means in Examination

The Principal / Academic Incharge will suspend any student who is found indulging in unfair means in an examination, with immediate effect. Further action against him will be taken by the College authorities for breach of the Rules of Examination. Notwithstanding any provisions to the contrary, she/he will not be allowed to appear in the remaining papers of the examination.

Issuing Transcripts

Transcripts/ final marks sheet issued by Board/ University shall not be issued to a student in debt to the College. Student must obtain a clearance from the accounts office, showing evidence that all dues are paid in full, and all outstanding balances have been cleared, before a transcript of his/her is issued.

I.D. Cards

All students are required to possess their College ID card issued to them at the time of admission. This I.D. Card is required to enter the campus, classrooms and Labs.