Quaid-e-Azam College of Accountancy & Commerce Alumni Association is an important external appendage of the College. The Executive Committee has the Principal as Chairman and all other participants as members. The Association is actively involved in different academic and non-academic programms. At QCAC, we broaden the traditional definition of the term ‘alumni’ and include current students, past and present students, members of staff, volunteers as well as friends of the College.

Graduates automatically become members of the QCAC alumni community upon submitting the Alumni Registration Form and are encouraged to maintain active and continuing contact with fellow graduates and the College.
Alumni Association encourages the past and present students to become a part of Quaid-e-Azam College of Accountancy & Commerce’s family. Its mission is to support & promote interest of past & present students and to maintain communication between them so that they may get encouraged by the seniors working in different areas, to guide the current students to choose an appropriate path for their future.

The Alumni Office is a gateway between the College and the students to provide any assistance that an alumnus may require and organizes a range of social and professional activities and programs to help alumni STAY IN TOUCH and CONNECTED. Please feel free to contact us anytime at if you have to inquire about any thing in further detail.

Alumni Objectives:

  • To secure the intimate contact amongst the Alumni, past, present students & College staff
  • To produce & support educational activities and programme for the benefit of the Alumni
  • To undertake mutually beneficial activities for career advancement of Alumni
  • To promote social and cultural activities which are of interest to the students
  • To institute awards to deserving students for their performance and above all
  • To make you feel that you will always be a part of QCAC

Alumni Benefits:

Our alumni have access to a wide range of exclusive ALUMNI BENEFITS including:

  • Discounted memberships and subscriptions for all College publications
  • Special Fee concessions to students recommended by our Alumni members
  • Recommendation for grant of Scholarships
  • Recommendation for free books from the College Book Bank (if available)
  • Access to the QCAC Library, Computer lab and College Internet.
  • Ongoing Career Assistance and Counseling
  • Regular Updates and Newsletter
  • Annual Alumni Magazine
  • Online Alumni Directory
  • Invitations to exclusive Alumni Events and Programs
  • Opportunities to share your Success Stories with fellow alumni
  • Mentoring
  • Alumni Supporting Alumni and Student Referral

Annual Alumni Events:

  • Annual General Meeting
  • High Achievers Award Ceremony
  • Annual Dinner
  • Music Night

Required Documents:

  • Copy of any document of QCAC showing that the applicant remained student.
  • Copy of National Identity Card(NIC)
  • Two Photographs
  • Original Challan of Subscription Fee


Life Subscription Fee:

  • Life Subscription fee for Old Azamians residing in Lahore is Rs. 200
  • Life Subscription fee for Old Azamians Residing in Pakistan (other than Lahore) is Rs. 300
  • Life Subscription fee for Old Azamians Residing outside Pakistan is $ 25.

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