Director’s Message

There is a sweeping change in the contemporary business environment the globe over a homogenous global society is evolving owing to the departure from traditional values triggered by media and technological change. Global political event too are potent case resultantly international business where uniform market with less dissimilar needs and characteristics have begun to apper this new development has eased the infiltration of multinational firms is every nook and corner of the global new competitors are landing with massive technologies and resoures to stay comprtitive total business scenario and entrie economic spectrum needs to be redefined or elseface the threats of extinction.

Quaid-e-azam college of accountancy and commerce is well abreacted of this change our group of law college lead us to think of a similar dynamic institution in commerce too. Hence QCAC is the lartest addition to the portfolio of quaid-e-azam group of college We believe to maintain adaptability to changing environment by inducting innovative change in techniques of managements program offered mode of instruction and above all in the course leaders. Hailing from such a foundationour graduates are expected to handle high reponisibilities in diverse job situations in a manner conducive to the fresh agenda of change The feed of our turn outs is commendable in the regard we are monitoring the environment and analyzing its impact and requirements to keep our graduates up to date effectively.