Principal’s Message

I heartily hail you at QCAC.since its emergency QCAC has alwaus vowed to maintain highest standards and provide generous opportunities to gain real knowledge to compete and rise this world. Professionals and highly qualified faculty impart knowledge to students on modern scientific lines. Students develop confidence which has always been the force of their ability to enter the career of their own choice.he college has highly sophisticated scientific equipments, the state-if-of art computer and science labs are equipped with modern technology. .
It simultaneously ignites students` desire for knowledge and research. The “AZAMIANS ’’ possess leadership qualities. They are determined and dynamic to face the challenges of ever changing environments. Furthermore, class decorum, overall discipline and ambience contribute to the well being of the students. Students of quaid-e-Azam group of law has been securing top positions in Punjab University exams. We aspire to keep in commerce, science and arts in future as well. In short, QCAC stresses upon value education.I earnestlu suggest the students to benefit from this opportunity and excel in modern education. I hope that QCAC in its enlightened approach to impart quality education will prove itself to be an exalted bench mark in the education sector. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will fully avail the up-to the mark facilities and the renowned faculty for your upcoming practical and professional life.