Why QCAC ?

Prime responsibility of an educational institute is to produce citizens who will be leaders and decision makers of the future. Visualizing the forthcoming global commerce changes we are adapting strategies to be with the pace of age and connecting the institution with its domestic and global environment. Our courses are highly demanding and relevant to the requirements of the modern work environment. Moreover we provide a basis for the professional development of both teachers and students. Few of our hallmarks include:

FACULTY: The Quaid-e-Azam Group of Law Colleges (QGC) is developing learning strategies that stimulate dialogue and maintains a congenial relationship among students and teachers. We employ experts in their field, allowing our students to experience truly cultured education that challenges assumption, develops creative insight, feeds enquiry and develops an analytical approach. We have a team of competent faculty core consisting of over 20 Fulltime and 30 Part time faculty members.

LIBRARY: The Library contains more than 3000 books, periodicals, CDs/DVDs and audio-video materials. Almost 300-500 new works related to teaching needs are added every year. E-journals are accessible through campus-wide network via online databases. The library also has print subscriptions to more than 30 national news papers and magazines. Library staff provides every new student with a full introduction to services, resources and are available throughout the college hours to provide advice, training and help whenever you need it.

LABORATRIES: The College has excellent Computer Laboratory to allow students to investigate their subjects in more detail & Science Laboratories to assist pre-engineering and pre-medical students. These laboratories are constantly being upgraded.

IT FACILITIES: QCAC’s IT provision is constantly growing and being updated to satisfy the rigorous demands of the most computer-literate students. The College provides fastest internet facility using latest technology i-e wimax Broadband (dedicated line). Our staff provides guidance, training and support to help you keep abreast of the latest computer programmes and electronic information resources.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: A generous effort to support students through merit- and need-based awards comprising 25%_ 100% of the fee. The College makes all efforts to ensure that students should not lose opportunity to join academic programs merely due to financial considerations. Liberal financial assistance is available to academically outstanding students. Typically, the financial assistance is given in the form of tuition fee waivers that result in reduction in program fee ranging from 25% to 100%. Overall, nearly 10% of the student body enrolled is recipient of some form of financial assistance.


Scholarship awards are granted after careful consideration of a candidate’s academic performance. The individual’s involvement in various co-and extra-curricular activities, leadership potential and ability to make a positive contribution to the overall campus environment are also major decision factors in making financial awards. Please fill the Scholarship Form and email to scholarships@qcac.edu.pk as an attachment.

HOSTELS: Boarding facilities are available for both male and female students. The hostels are currently located at Ferozepur Road, Lahore near college campus.

TRANSPORT: Pick & drop facility is also provided to the female students. It saves their precious time, restores their energies and refuels their zeal to concentrate fully to their studies. To get this facility please fill in the transport form available on the college website and return either in hand to the transport in charge in the college office or mail us at transport@qcac.edu.pk as an attachment.

LOCATION: Lahore – the city of colleges and universities. QCAC campus is situated at the nerve center of the city which is a transport hub to all directions of Lahore.